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The digital transformation is creating numerous opportunities, million of new connections and hills of data come in each day, which requires some careful and strategic moves to allow you to reach your goals.

As a trustworthy partner of Cisco, microsoft, LG, and Force Point, vodanet is the key of your solutions, we will help you choose the solutions and services best suited for you and which help you get your part of the futur.

Decision makers require video-conferencing.76%
Digital communications can improve human interaction80%
Digital Signage improves customer satisfaction 85%

Video Wall Provide multivalent video-wall solutions with spectacular results.

Video Conference Improved Communications offering streamlined decision making, hence leading to a better productivity, reduced costs, and time saving.

Dynamic Display Vodanet helps you keep your customers focused with limitless communication.

Network services The network remains core to your IT strategy to support the next-generation technology platform.At Vodanet, We are led by business outcomes and we believe in providing the best network solutions for your business.

Our Solutions

The Future Is Now!

Network Services

The network remains core to your IT strategy to support the next-generation technology platform. At Vodanet we are led by business outcomes and we believe in providing the best network solutions for your business, with services including:
 - Enterprise network design
 - Network deployments and migrations
 - Network security systems
 - Wireless design and deployment
 - VoIP and Video Ready Networks


In the today’s digital area , states-quo has no chance, right now is the time to have the kind of data center environment capable of providing the informations and the tools one needs to catalyze innovations and put your company in the best conditions to face the future.
Vodanet is uniquely positioned to help you realise your optimal data centre configuration, whether by transforming your existing infrastructure, or by planning and building a brand new one.

Video wall

New technology of dynamic display made up of intermingled monitors forming one big screen, it has lots of advantages. Such as high quality of display and the flexibility nowhere else to be found. This technology includes LCD panels, LED boards and the rear projection screens.

IP telephony

Mobility is a high priority for companies. Vodanet will help your company make the best of it, no matter what their needs might be, support of mobile terminals, development of mobile apps and even use geo-localisation services to personalise offers.

Video Conferencing

Offers an exceptional experience of collaboration in each and every office, from any kind of mobile with video to more advanced end points such as Cisco DX, SX, MX and IX series. Vodanet allows you to start with easy to use collaboration solutions packages from cisco including business edition 6000, 6000S and 7000 and later add applications such as cisco webex, and Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR).

Digital Signage

Info display, general or special communication, Vodanet provides a complete offer of packaged solutions that will help boost and promote your image as a company and welcome and inform visitor or partners.

Hotel TV

Provide entertainment and information to your guestsby using our hotel TV solutions. We offer complete solutions for TVs from planning to installation and maintenance. We use the latest technologies and solutions.


- A comprehensive analysis of functional needs.
- Design and Implementation of the most suitablesolution for your company.
- Get the consensus around your Specifications.
- Look for the most suitable solutions.
- Discus the best possible solution for your company.
- Assessment Services, We deliver a range of audits, security and asset reviews that spans our technology area.


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